Backup and Copy Games For Any Console Gaming System

Why Backup and Copy Games?

Have you ever wondered whether it is possible to backup your video games? To some people this might sound like a foreign concept but others have made it a regular practice. Some people actually backup every single one they get their hands on.

Generally there are three main reasons why you would want to learn how to copy games for Xbox 360, Wii, PS3 and other console gaming systems. These would be:

a) You have lost a gaming disk in the past.
b) You have broken one and did not like having to buy a new version of the exact same game.
c) You have seen other people backing up their games and want to do the same.

Isn’t Copying Console Games Illegal?

This is a source of confusion for a number of people. The mainstream thinking is that copying is morally and legally prohibited. As far as the law is concern, copying games is not illegal. The only thing that is illegal is profiting from copying games.

To summarize, it is completely legal to copy, but illegal to sell and profit from those copied games. Believe it or not the legislation of this topic is clear. You will not go to jail if you backup your disks and accordingly, you can start to grow your collection right away.

How to Copy Games Like Xbox, Wii and PS3

You can now purchase software that will allow you to copy games from your very own computer. It is actually very simple. Once the software has been installed, you simply insert a copy of the gaming disk and press copy. Your computer will then take an “image” of the disk. Take the original gaming disk out of the hard drive and place a new CD into your disk drive, press copy and that is all. You will have an instant copy of any video-game regardless of which console you might own.

The benefits to copying your games and backing them make it a no-brainer. Just make sure that you pick a high quality game copying software.

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