Console Gaming, Then and Now

We all remember pong, in fact, it’s still around. Cell phones, MP3 players, retro game reinventions still bring us Pong and many of the other classic games we know and love. Console games two decades ago(about when I was born) were very primitive. People often used number pads to enter in commands, those commands would then translate to an action on a screen. Some consoles were actually housed in wood, not plastic. It wasn’t until Nintendo released the NES that the market really exploded.

Nintendo had achieved something that the competition had not. The NES(Nintendo Entertainment System) was sleek, clean and it featured cartridges(games) that could be bought and inserted into the system to play. Many, many games were made for the NES and it was on top of the world for the time.

Nintendo later announced the Super NES, which had taken advantage of the newest technology at the time. This was the tipping point where 2-D smoothed into 3-D. The N64 was the next step, Sony was close behind with the Playstation. The N64 was still using cartridges while the PlayStation used discs. This turned a lot of game publishers away from the N64 because it meant developing for 2 different technologies.

This Brings us up to the year 2000. You have 3 major competitors; Sony’s PlayStation 2, Microsoft’s Xbox and Nintendo’s Gamecube. All have 3-D graphics and immersible gameplay but the Xbox and PlayStation 2 appealed to more hardcore gamers while the Nintendo kept a fun casual gamer environment. The Xbox and PlayStation 2 did something that the Gamecube did not, online multiplayer. For the first time, gamers would be able to use the Internet to play with each other. This took video games to a whole new level.

With today’s consoles hot on the market(Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii) it is only a matter of time before we see another big breakthrough from console games. There are technologies in the works that will hopefully have gamers moving and controlling game characters in a life-like manner. If the last decade in changes are any indication of the changes to come, then we have a lot to look forward to.

Backup and Copy Games For Any Console Gaming System

Why Backup and Copy Games?

Have you ever wondered whether it is possible to backup your video games? To some people this might sound like a foreign concept but others have made it a regular practice. Some people actually backup every single one they get their hands on.

Generally there are three main reasons why you would want to learn how to copy games for Xbox 360, Wii, PS3 and other console gaming systems. These would be:

a) You have lost a gaming disk in the past.
b) You have broken one and did not like having to buy a new version of the exact same game.
c) You have seen other people backing up their games and want to do the same.

Isn’t Copying Console Games Illegal?

This is a source of confusion for a number of people. The mainstream thinking is that copying is morally and legally prohibited. As far as the law is concern, copying games is not illegal. The only thing that is illegal is profiting from copying games.

To summarize, it is completely legal to copy, but illegal to sell and profit from those copied games. Believe it or not the legislation of this topic is clear. You will not go to jail if you backup your disks and accordingly, you can start to grow your collection right away.

How to Copy Games Like Xbox, Wii and PS3

You can now purchase software that will allow you to copy games from your very own computer. It is actually very simple. Once the software has been installed, you simply insert a copy of the gaming disk and press copy. Your computer will then take an “image” of the disk. Take the original gaming disk out of the hard drive and place a new CD into your disk drive, press copy and that is all. You will have an instant copy of any video-game regardless of which console you might own.

The benefits to copying your games and backing them make it a no-brainer. Just make sure that you pick a high quality game copying software.

Do You Want to Burn XBox 360 Games – Finding the Best Burning Software For Your Console Games

Xbox 360 game system players are well versed about how pricey their systems have been to this point, and how expensive it is to legally buy the Xbox 360 game console disks. Avid gamers who wish to save their funds that have already been invested in these game disks discover that they are having trouble burning Xbox 360 video games due to the copy protection on the disk. They are unfortunately left with the truth that if on accident they damage a priceless console game DVD they will have to pay the complete price to purchase a brand new video game. Every Xbox 360 video game system owner shares this fear. For this reason, every Xbox 360 owners ought to get a superb Xbox 360 game copying software application, and find a way to create copies of their video games.

The first process is to find an awesome game copying software application. The very best place to start is by seeking the advice of multiple Xbox 360 players who’ve a little extra expertise than you do in copying Xbox 360 video games. These old timers can suggest software programs that they have successfully used, and show you where to download the software. After you’ve got a hold of your personal copy of the software, you possibly can start to backup and protect your priceless Xbox 360 console games. Nearly all game copying software programs operates in a similar way, and will ask you to perform the identical easy steps.

Set up your brand new software on your computer by placing the new software program CD into your laptop DVD drive and read all the instructions it tell you on the screen. Once the program is finished, open it by clicking on its desktop icon. This system will let you know when to insert the disk for copying and when to put in a clean DVD disk to obtain your burned copy. In only a few minutes, with a few clicks of your mouse, you’ll be burning Xbox games and have perfectly readable new backups of your expensive Xbox 360 games. In a short while, you’ll be able to copy your whole collection of Xbox video game disks. Finally, just to be extra certain, it’s a good suggestion to test the video game once using the brand new backup disk to ensure that the copy works in addition to the original disk.

You might ask which software program utility is one of the best ones to use for copying Xbox video games. There are a number of good ones out there, but the one most loved by skilled avid gamers is a utility referred to as the Game Copy Wizard, a name well respected within the gaming community. This software enables you to make wonderful copies of any game by using your DVD burner. Not only does Game Copy Wizard allow you to burn games, it additionally allows you to make backup copies of any movie DVDs, videos, or music CD. Players have used this software to burn video games for the Xbox 360, Nintendo, Wii, Xbox, PS2, PS3, Gamecube, and Dreamcast.

It’s an incredible and versatile piece of software that is able to back up Xbox 360 video games and any copy protected DVDs fairly easily, and the entire copying process takes only some minutes from beginning to completed disk. One tiny issue that is usually straightforward to remedy, is that the software program is not automatically updated online. You may manually get these when they are available. You cannot go wrong with the Game Copy Wizard. It is the best software for burning Xbox 360 video games.

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